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Designing Presentations in OneNote

Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

How to maximize the impact of your presentation? First and foremost, which tool to use? Shall we use PowerPoint? Sway? A web 2.0 tool? Kurt Söser and Rachel Chisnall inspired me to use OneNote. I already have been using OneNote alot to create digital textbooks, take notes, replace my chalkboard and lots of other applications. But is it also a superb presentation tool? 

How to create a presentation in OneNote?

I start to create my slides in PowerPoint and save them as images by creating screenshots. After creating a new OneNote document I insert the images in 2 columns and several rows. I draw some arrows between the slides, so I keep an overview where my next slide will be. I add some extra information, images, notes and links in the sidebar, next to the slides.  
Before I start presenting, I share the website address of the OneNote document with my audience via a url and a qr code (editable link!). You're able to show your OneNote document full screen (using the desktop version).

Take a look:

Present via OneNote


Presenting in OneNote offers several benefits which will make your appearance more interesting. 

  • By swiping you're able to navigate through your presentation. It's very easy to go forward and backward or show the notes in the sidebars.
  • You're able to zoom. By zooming out you can show your crowd how long your presentation will be. They will see the big picture. By zooming in you can show some details in some slides
  • By sharing an editable link to your presentation, your public can participate by a/ adding questions/comments in a specific page and b/ navigate themselves through the presentation c/ check some extra links you provided in the document. Since the get more involved they surely won't fall asleep
  • You're able to embed all kind of media into your presentation. Apart from text and images you can insert videoaudioSway, etc.
  • Via a surface you'll be able to walk through your public. This changes the situation to a presenter in the middle of his/her crowd.
  • Via digital ink you're able to annotate while you walk. You can draw, write, sketch via a digital pen. This makes your performance very clear. 

A demonstration

Allow me to show you how I use OneNote to present:


More information about Using OneNote to present

Have fun!

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