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Requesting new features in OneNote

Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

OneNote is simply a great tool. It really makes a difference in my classroom, while presenting, or in collaboration with colleagues. This year Back to School meant training 75 teachers how to use Office 365 and OneNote. And yes... They loved OneNote, Sway, Office Lens and Office Mix! I have been using OneNote in my classroom to create digital textbooks, to present during events, to brainstorm, to create shopping lists, to make reports during meetings, etc. I perceive the team behind OneNote as a very energetic bunch of people willing to listen to the OneNote users and willing to strive for better. That's why they created, which allows people to request new features. 

These non-existing features would really make a difference in my and many fellow teachers' classrooms:


1: Secured pages in documents

I would love to be able to secure pages (and not only sections) in OneNote. 


2: Formatting text with gestures or pen

During the last years we had many innovations and two of them were touch screens and digital pens. Still we basically need the keyboard to get things done. Or worse: keyboard and mouse. 

Why not introducing a new way to use the pen? Making small circles on top of a word, will make the word bold. Making a chainsaw sign will make it italic. Drawing a rectangle with a cross inside will allow to insert images. Let's go for word processing 2.0.

digital ink


3: Secure paragraphs in Class Notebook's pages

A teacher is creating and sharing homework. At this point students are able to erase the questions. By securing paragraphs from editing, this would be impossible. Another scenario would be adding to ability to add editable regions in read-only pages. 



4: Extend the Mac version

Yes, some of my colleagues are using a Mac and still they want to innovate in their classroom. Why not offering them the chance to do so. The Mac version (15.25) of OneNote is too limited. Let's prioritize this point. 


6: More languages to be added to learning tools

Learning Tools rocks! It really does. It is such a great tool to introduce to teachers. But: I speak Dutch and this language isn't part of Language Tools. 



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