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Creating a Windows Phone app using Phonegap

PhoneGap can be downloaded free from and which closes the gap between a fully functional website and a native app.

The result can be found on


STEP 1: create a website in HTML + CSS + JavaScript

HTML is  a universal and relatively simple language. It isn?t a programming language like JavaScript, but a markup language which offers structure to web page content. By learning HTML you get the added advantage of being of creating your own hit by double blow: you can create your own website and app! JavaScipt is considerably more a bit difficult for the novice. Javascript it enables the background work of programming conditions, repeats, calculations and interactivity. However, you can find many free javascript ?programs?, known as ?scripts? available any of these scripts on the internet. for free.

Download our own ?Flippy Bird?:

STEP 2: installing PhoneGap

Download PhoneGap:

Extract the zip and rename the folder to ?flippybird?.

STEP 3: Modifying PhoneGap

Adapt the logo in the folder /img and /res. Adapt logo.png.

Now look for the file config.xml in the folder flippybird, and adapt the name, description and author as follows:

Create a zip file of the folder flippybird.

Wait a minute! We can even go one step further and adopt the whole game, by adopting the bird and sky.

Take a look at and play the adopted version:

STEP 4: Building the app

Now go to your web browser and navigate to

On the PhoneGap website, you can register a free account limited to one app. If you want to build more apps, a paid account is required.

After registering and logging in, you can upload the .zip file.

Click on Upload a .zip file and browse to the zipped app (see step 3).

The logo and name of the app are appearing. The app can still be deleted.

Click on Ready to build.

The app can be downloaded for Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

To Windows Phone this results in a xap file. By emailing this file (or sharing it by OneDrive) to you device you can install it on a Windows Phone.

However, when you want to distribute your app worldwide, you can better put it in the Windows Store. The cost of a membership is $14.

Publishing an app in Windows store

Navigate to and hit  Register now.

Log in using your Microsoft account. Your account needs to be verified on computer.

Verify your email address. Click Next. You?ll receive your code directly by email.

Choice the desired package en pay.

After paying, you can access your account. At first you need to choose how you want to be paid. If you want to offer you app for free, you can skip this step.

If we?d be creating a Windows 8 app, we needed to submit the app in the Dashboard. But!

We?re creating a Windows Phone app, so we need to navigate to Windows Phone Dev Center on

Click Dashboard and next .

Click ?1?: App info.

Enter the App name and choose the category.

Choose the base price and on which markets you want to distribute.

If you want to sell the app, you need to add financial info (tax, vat and financial info).

Click Save.

Click 2: Upload and describe your package(s)

Click Add new. Make sure you installed Silverlight on your computer (download for free on If not, your app can?t be uploaded.

Browse to the XAP file, builded and downloaded on (previous step).

The Package is shown: name, version, size, language, etc.

It?s possible to add certain information:

- Language

- Description (important!): add a very clear description to ascertain your app will be found by search engines.

Specifiy keywords and upload an app icon (MUST be 300x300px) and screenshot(s) (MUST be 768x1280px or 1280x768px).

Press on the grey tiles to browse your images.

Click Save.

Optionally in-app advertising and other services can be added.

Click Review and submit to review the app.

After reviewing, click Submit.

The app will be tested by the Microsoft team. This will take up to 5 business days. After this period you will receive an email. The status of your app can be viewed on the lifecycle page.

A list of our apps:

o   Flippy Bird:

o   Interactieve Determinatietabel (NL):

o   Tree Key:

In the USA it takes 24h to pass certification. Outside the USA up to 72h.

Congratulations, your app can be found on!

The result can be found on

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