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Chekhov Story Author

Chekhov Story Author
Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

Chekhov Story Author allows people to write and record a dynamic ebook which can be used by learners to develop their literacy skills. Chekhov Story Author is a Windows app which can be downloaded in the Windows Store.

This tool allows you to create a ebook, containing images, text and voice recordings. The result will be published in the Windows Store.

As in many countries, different languages are spoken, this app allows you to record voice which will be simultaneously be played while reading words. This allows one to learn a new language.

In this quick guide you will learn how to download and install Chekhov Story Author as well as creating and publishing dynamic ebooks.

Download Chekhov Story Author in the Windows Store:

Chekhov Story Author

Click at “Install”.

Chekhov Story AuthorOnce installed, the app will appear as a blue icon on your Windows Dashboard.

Open the app.

Chekhov Story AuthorChekhov welcomes you with beautiful background images. Hit the button “New Story”.

Chekhov Story AuthorAdd a Title, Description, Author and Language. Choose a logo.

Click on Create.

Chekhov Story AuthorYou are now able to choose a template. The cross illustrates an image, the lines illustrate text. We choose the template in the middle.

Chekhov Story AuthorChoose an image by browsing your files.
Type in your text, limited to some short sentences.

Notice the menu on the right side. The second, red button “Page” allows to record your voice. Hit on a word (preferably the first one) and read the sentence. The words will turn blue like in karaoke. Your voice will be recorded.

Chekhov Story AuthorBy hitting the blue arrow, you are able to listen to your recording. The second red button “Word” allows to record seperate words.
The first, white icon (with the pen) allows brings you back to the editing mode.

By hitting the grey plus button on the left, you are able to add new slides.

Chekhov Story AuthorOnce you go back (arrow to the left), you’ll discover an overview of your ebooks.

Chekhov Story AuthorBy clicking the right mouse button, a black ribbon on the bottom appears, offering the features to delete or preview your storybook. A preview:

Chekhov Story Author

Time to publish our storybook. So, here is the magic trick which took me a while to discover…

Chekhov Story AuthorNavigate into your storybook. By swiping from the bottom, a black ribbon will appear offering the feature to publish.

Chekhov Story AuthorFill in some keywords and choose the countries for which you’d like to make your ebook/app available.

In case there are some audio recordings missing for specific words, Chekhov won’t allow you to publish.

Chekhov Story AuthorThe app will ask permission to access personal information. Hit the Yes button.

Chekhov Story AuthorAll set! Your app is in review. After some days (5?) your app will be published at the Windows Store. Have fun!


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