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Drupal 8

Drupal 8 preview
Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

Update! Drupal8 release date: August 24. Check at https://drupalreleasedate.comĀ 

More than 400 sites are currently running Drupal 8, and digital agencies and system integrators including VML, Mediacurrent, Phase2, Achieve Internet, Amazee Labs, Chapter Three, Elevated Third, Digital Bridge, Digital Echidna, Duo Consulting, FFW, Four Kitchens, ImageX Media, Motionstrand, OHO Interactive,, Promet Source, R/GA, Trellon, and Zivtech, are adopting Acquia and Drupal 8 together.

Drupal 8 provides more than 200 breakthrough new capabilities for customers including:

  • Re-imagined authoring experience. Drupal 8 provides a new content authoring experience, designed to help authors quickly and easily create content.
  • Mobile-first. The entire Drupal 8 user interface has been made responsive, allowing content authors to publish content on any device.
  • Content as a service. Drupal 8 provides an API approach to content delivery, allowing content to be made available everywhere, including websites, mobile devices, native applications, digital screens, and the Internet of Things.
  • Simplified deployment. Drupal 8 incorporates many of the most widely deployed modules from previous versions of Drupal into its core, speeding time to web for site builders.
  • Go global. Quickly translate sites into any language. Drupal 8 is multilingual throughout.
  • Developer productivity. Drupal 8 provides extensive enhancements for developers, including RESTful APIs, object-oriented development, simplified configuration management, improved unit testing support, and more.
  • Improved performance. Drupal 8 includes caching improvements that speed the delivery of personalized, dynamic content.



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