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Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

Lifeliqe offers over 1,000 interactive models for K-12 STEM subjects. It allows to explore 3D models of plants, animals, parts of the human body, geographical models, etc. Lifeliqe can be a game changer in subjects Geography, Biology, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, etc. Where I learned about trees, the lungs and skeleton on paper, Lifeliqe shows part much more clearer, in color and 3D. Students will be more motivated and interested. Also, the subject of dissecting animals is a difficult one. Lifeliqe offers a good alternative, saves animal's lives and gets rid bad odors. 

This app is available on windows and iPad and can be downloaded via The app is for free but you need to pay to unlock all models. 

A short demo:


Let's take a closer look into Lifeliqe. 

You first need to install Lifeliqe by going to the App store or Microsoft Store. After installation you need to run Lifeliqe. The following window will appear: 

Hit the button Show all.

You will find a lot of models categorized by Most popular, Human biology, Math, etc. The Creator allows to install ebooks which we will explore later. An overview of Lifeliqe's categories (incomplete list):

By hitting a model, it will need to download. This will take 5 to 30 seconds, depending on your internet connection. 

After installation, the model will appear:

 You will find a menu on the left side which allows you to focus on specific parts (tongue, skull, teeth, etc). By dragging/swiping over the model, it will turn:

The navigation in the bottom allows to get an introduction, change the language, explore related models, change the background color and share the model via social media. 

You really need to check the Tree Corinth Zoom, the Earth and the Water (Hydrologic) Cycle. These all give a very different impression of Lifeliqe. No paper document can offer the same clear insight into how stuff works. The Water cycle for example show you the evaporation, clouds and condensation, surface and groundwater flow:

Lifeliqe also offers models of many sorts of animals like the Great White Shark:

AR means Augmented Reality. This button will allow to create a picture or video of yourself with the model, using your (front) webcam. 

Lifeliqe is more than models related to Biology. It can also give insight how certain items work and be useful in class Physics.

The Creator allows you to create your own ebook by importing a PDF and inserting the 3D Lifeliqe models, to create interactive lesson plans which can be used instantly in the classroom. 

First you need to browse for a PDF and name your ebook. 

Then you can add 3D models to your interactive book. 


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