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Office 2016

Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

Last week Office 2016 was released. This new release has a nice new look and offers new features. It makes collaborating and sharing documents & information much easier, gives businesses and schools more options for securing information and gives MS Excel a real update. In this article I will focus on the educational opportunities offered by the new features in this brand new MS Office.


Collaboration is key in education. Students help to construct each others' knowledge by sharing files and collaborating in documents. Now OneDrive comes with Windows 10 on default, Office 2016 released a new feature: the Share button

This button will allow you to invite people and allowing them to view or edit your document. The sidebar will offer you a nice list of all participants mentioning whether they are editing (in real time). Skype for Business is now available in the client apps,to talk, share and video chat right in your docs. A new tool called Office 365 Planner helps teams organize their work, with the ability to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, set due dates and update status. Read more about Office 365 Planner.


Office 2016 now allows to annotate (great on a Surface!) and using the pen. Our favorite tool, OneNote, already had this feature but now Word embraced this nice feature as well. Drawings might spice up your documents. Rather than using the blackboard you're now able to use digital ink and add schemes to your pages, which can be reused in a later stage. What about correcting assignments directly in Word? What about clearing some thing up by adding hand written notes. Want to know more? Take a look at our article about digital ink.


Are you a math teacher or student? This new features might make your ears burn. The Design tab offers the ability to insert equasions. Using the pen you're able to write equasions, which will be converted to text. Office 2016 (in this case MS Word) allows you to add lots of new mathematical features. 


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