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Office Forms
Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

Microsoft recently released Office Forms which allows people to create surveys. Creating forms is very easy. You can add several kinds of questions (choice, quiz, text, rating and date) and set some options quite easily: required, multiple answers, etc. The form can be send to your audience as email, link or qr-code. The results are presented very clearly and can be exported to Excel. Let's take a closer look. 

Start by navigating to and sign in using your microsoft account. 

Click + New.

Change the title and subtitle by clicking on it. 

Click + Add question

You're able to add several differerent kind of questions.

  • Choice: only one answer is correct
  • Quiz: several answers can be correct
  • Text: one needs to enter a solution in text
  • Rating:
  • Date: 

Let's try out Choice.

Enter the question and add answers. By hitting the bin you can delete answers. You can enable multiple answers or allow people to answer by enabling Answer required.

The question can be deleted or copied in the right upper corner. Once there are multiple questions, the arrow allow you to change the order of the questions. Answers can be added by hitting Add option.

Click + Add question. Pick Quiz

Add a question and multiple answers. Hit the checkmark for every correct answer. Add feedback for each answer. 

By clicking on the first question you can still change that one. 

We now add a Text question:

You can enable Long answer which offers you a larger text area. 

The rating question allows you to check peoples satisfaction:

You're able to change the level (5 or 10 stars) and the symbol (star or numbers). 

The date question allows to inform for dates:

The eye icon  in the top allows to preview the survey. By hitting the button Send form you can send the survey to people (students, colleagues, etc). The survey can be sent by showing a link, sending an email or sending/showing a QR code:

Once people start filling in the survey, you can take a look at the responses. Hit the tab Responses.

Last but not least, Office Forms offers the ability to bring the results to Excel by hitting the button .

In Excel you can see all submissions:

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