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OneNote Learning Tools

OneNote Learning Tools
Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

OneNote - again - released a great free addin called Learning Tools. This tool allows to dictate text and then allows you to do some settings dyslectic students will benefit: change font-size, word spacing, font, background (white/black). Than the magic begins: you'll be able to mark nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.Learning tools can also have text on the screen read aloud in any desired speed.

Although this tools will change dyslectics' worlds, the features can be interesting for everyone since you're able to dictate text, text can be read aloud, etc.

you can have text on the screen read aloud.

Download the tool at
Important: I was offered the 32bit version. You can download the 64bit version here:

OneNote Learning Tools

After installing the file you'll find a new TAB Learning Tools in OneNote. 

Let's hit the button Dictate. You're now able to speak to you microphone. OneNote will instantly start recording your voice and converting this to editable text. 

OneNote Learning Tools Dictate

Hit the button Immersive Reader

OneNote Immersive Reader

The text size will be increased. Notice the 2 buttons at the upper right corner.

You are now able to change the voice speed, text size, spacing, font and background color (theme in black or white). 

The Play button in the bottom will read out the text. The word being read aloud will be marked. By hitting the pauze button, you're able to pauze. 

The settings allow to change the voice and speed. 

Last but not least you're now able to mark the nouns, verbs and adjectives in the text. OneNote automatically knows which words need to be highlighted. 

No need to say this is a great tool which will help dyslectici a lot, but can also be used to convert voice to text. I wish I had this tool 2 years ago when I was writing my 120 counting pages Master dissertation... 


An interesting application: Office Lens + OneNote + Learning Tools = Magic!

Let's try to digitalize a poem on paper and then make sure OneNote reads it aloud to us, showing the verbs and nouns. 

STEP 1: use the free app Office Lens to make a picture from you paper and send it to OneNote. 

Take a picture from the paper document using Office Lens. Lens will automatically recognize its shape and bring the picture to OneNote (you can choose which document).

STEP 2: convert the image to editable text

Right click on the picture. Select Copy Text from This Page of the Printout

Click next to the image and paste

STEP 3: read aloud using Learning Tools

Hit the button Immersive Reader (tab Learning Tools), select Nouns and Verbs and hit Play.


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