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Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

My all time favorite Edu tool is Office Lens. This very cool free app allows you to take a picture of a chalkboard, computer screen, page, textbook, etc and it will automatically straighten the document, crop and bring this image to OneNote, OneDrive, PowerPoint or convert it to PDF. The tool will recognize text in the image and convert this to editable text. 

So when you decide to convert a paper document to PDF, Office Mix will help you in a glimpse. 

Office Lens

  1. Use the Office Lens app
  2. Take a picture of your chalk board, paper documents, etc. 
  3. Office Lens straightens the document
  4. Choose to which tool you want to export the file
  5. The result in OneNote. Notice the editable image AND the text which was extracted out of the image. 

Download Office Lens:

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