OneNote + Skype + Edge = Score!

Skype OneNote Edge browser
Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

Ever had a student who was ill and missed a lot of lessons. In my case my Chinese student Grace had to go to Hong Kong for 4 weeks. Years ago she would have missed a lot of lessons, but Skype helped us to overcome the problem. 

While teaching my class (in Belgium), I turned on Skype and connected with Grace in Hong Kong. Using skype we could hear and see each other. We used the chat to communicate and I shared my desktop. 

Using skype to teach

I teach web design and more specifically HTML, CSS and jQuery. We use Sublime Text to code. But how to share my code with Grace? Well, this wonderful website http://codeshare.io allows teachers to share code and even collaboration. 

Thanks to Edge browser I'm even able to annotate important pieces of code and add comments. 

codeshare in Edge browser

Last but not least: I create a digital textbook while I teach. This results in a textbook which is 100% up to date to the point and anywhere anytime accessible. I use this free tool called OneNote which allows collaborate and sharing documents with my students.

This textbook replaces the classic courseware and even the blackboard since I can draw using my pen. 

And Grace... she is a happy student. Being with her family in Hong Kong and still able to attend the class and synchronously coding her webpages, as we do being able to ask questions.


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