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Koen Timmers
by Koen Timmers
Educator - Author - Keynote speaker - Global Teacher Prize 2017 finalist

Docs.com is Microsoft's newest sharing platform. It was released at Aug 4, 2015. This new platform allows users to easily share documents regardless of whether they are Word, PowerPoint, ExcelPDF with importing available from your PC or even through OneDrive. It even supports Office Mix and Sway.

In this quick guide we'll take a look at how to get started with Docs.com and the educational opportunities

Start publishing

Navigate to www.docs.com. You might need to sign in using your (free) Microsoft account. 

Docs.com getting started

Hit the button Publish

First time at Docs.com? Hit "Create my account". 

All set!

Adding files

You are now able to add a file by dragging it or browsing. You can import files from your own computer, OneDrive or Sway. 

Let's give it a try to add a (pdf) file. 

Once the file is uploaded, you're offered a screenshot. You're able to add the file to a collection (kind of a folder), add tags and licence.
Don't forget to change the title, mention the original author and description. 

Click Done.

You are now able to share your file via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or link. Click Done

Creating collections

Let's create a new collection

A collection allows you to bundle all files of the same subject. It is like a kind of a folder or album. 

Name your collection and hit Create

People will be able to share, like and embed your collection (using HTML-code: <iframe>). They are able to add comments via Disqus, a third-party service. 

By hitting Add content you can add earlier added files to your new collection. By hitting Add link you are able to add links to website. Publish new allows you to upload new files. 

By editing a collection, you're able to set a cover image. 

Sharing Sways

So how to share a Sway? Hit the button Publish new.

Hit Sway

You are now able to directly choose your Sways. Click Open

Your Sway was added to a collection!

Editing your profile page

By hitting your name in the upper right corner, you are able to edit your profile. 

You are able to set a different background, edit your avatar, change your name and add a link to your website and description. 

How to access files and collections? 

While you navigate to your files and collections, you are offered links. 

Educational opportunities

Docs.com allows one to bring structure in files and offer access to a public. It reminds me of https://www.academia.edu. Students are able to create digital portfolios. Teachers are able to build online libraries. Files & links can be gathered, liked, embedded and shared into collections. Permissions (to download) can be set. Last but not least: Docs.com is free and very easy in use. 

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