I've selected a set of 'left-overs' of my macro files before backing up my RAW files on my harddisk. All are shot during the summer of 2004 with my 10D and the Sigma 105 mm f/2.8 with or without the macro ringflash.
In September/October 2004 we went to Greece for holliday. We've been mainly on the mainland of Greece (Peleponesos, Athens, Pilio, Mani). I've made around 2000 photos and this is the first set of 500 photos.
  Kinderdijk windmolens
Today we went for a short trip to Kinderdijk. We wanted to get some fresh air and take a look at the windmills.
In September/October 2003 we went for a holliday to South-Africa. We've made a tour from Johannesburg to Capetown in 3.5 weeks. I've selected and processed another 130 photos.

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