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Office Sway: create, present and share

HTML is the main markup language for creating web pages. The newest version, HTML5, introduced a new canvas-tag which allows designers to draw and animate.  

Note that some jQuery lines need to be dropped in the webpage and you’ll understand that only coding lovers like this new tag. Office Sway seems to fill the gap by offering a graphic oriented tool which allows to create great pieces of art in a quick and easy way, not mentioning the great educational value this Sway can offer.

Take a look at this Sway:

Let’s go!

Office Sway is still in trial. It’s possible to request an invite at It took me a few weeks to obtain my invite, after sending several tweets. I was very excited when @Sway sent me a DM with the great news my account was activated.

The video announcing Sway shows great promise. Time to try it out myself!

Office Sway is a web app. You can log in at and build an app in a graphical fashion.

Adding multimedia

Click on "Create new Sway".

When you want to set a background image, Sway automatically refers to pictures on OneDrive. You can also choose pictures at social media (FB, TW) and your own device.

Tap on the right sidebar to make some adjustments.

Sway works very intuitional. When you try to change or delete object, a simple click offers the desired icons.

By clicking on Storyline, all slides of your document appear.

Click on  to create a new slide. 

Click on Media to add videos. A YouTube video can be put in a slide very fast. 


Selecting a slide, text can be hyperlinked via (1) and emphasized via (2). By clicking on (3) a new slide can be added.

(4) offers the possibility to change the layout of an active slide, which can be transformed to a header, slideshow, quote or grid.

A slide can be featured (5) and deleted (6).

The button Mood (8) changes the look and feel Sway.

 > Via Style the overall layout can be changed...

> ... via Structure, the structure of the presentation can be turned horizontal (including arrows) or vertical ...

>... Color allow to change the colors of background and text.

Sway even allows to use the colors of an image.

Remix (7) presents random combinations of layouts by combining different structures, colors and styles.


Share (9) allows to share your Sway on Facebook or Twitter, offers a link and a HTML iFrame code which can be put in a webpage.

Via … (10, right upper corner) a Preview can be taken. Furthermore it’s possible to create a new Sway or to get an overview.

The Preview is stunning. Earlier imported elements are automaticaly animated and are presented as real eye candy.

Hey, wait a minute… Where’s the button ‘save’? Indeed! Sway has an autosave function. We don’t need any software and can work exclusively online, which allow to create on any wired computer.   

Educational value

Sway offers an important educational value. It allows students to create, publish and present. Literature confirms that peer tutoring has great value to the learning process. Sway allows to collaborate. Students can gather information on a subject, create a cool presentation in a very easy way and publish it on the internet.


Sway is very easy in use and attractive. It allows to create beautiful presentation in no time, on any computer. It’s highly performant and doesn’t require software. Last but not least, it is responsive and therefor functions on smartphone and tablet. ijn nog enkele features in ontwikkeling, maar voor ons is Sway alvast een grote hit.

Take a look at the final result:

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