A journal of a day in the life of a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Why being an MIE Expert is such an honor and pleasure


A new group of web designers has started. In this lesson we are learning how to code a website in HTML and CSS. The first part of the course is mainly by direct instruction: the students have to learn the basic syntax. In a next stage they will have to collaborate using different tools. Via Powerpoint and Office Mix, they can present their outcomes. Using a Facebook Group they can ask and answer questions to peers and even graduated students. As I recorded all my lessons in advance, my students are offered screencasts, which allows them to rehearse or gain extra knowledge. All files are shared by using OneDrive.

As this project is in blended learning, they will also get 50% of their lessons at home.


Finishing my manual "Start using Lync in your classroom". Lync is a great web conferencing tool which enables distance learning. In my manual I want to give a brief introduction to distance learning, benefits and concerns of the use of web conferencing tools in education, the installation and use of Lync, tips and feedback from our students. Soon online!

In the meanwhile: a Dutch article I wrote: http://www.zelfstudie.be/tutorial/327/distance-learning-lync.php


Great news! Got an email from my professor at Sheffield Hallam university I passed on my dissertation which means I finished my Msc Technology Enhanced Learning, Innovation and Change. This course took mainly place via distance and independent learning. It’s been a bumpy road, these last two years. Combining a full time job, studies and being a dad was sometimes nearly impossible. All's well that ends well.


One of my students created spontaneously a tutorial and shared it at OneDrive. Isn’t that great? Students seem to be so motivated, that they start creating and sharing own written tutorials, courseware and even screencasts. Some of my students even Skype on a daily base to give feedback on each other’s projects.


Got an email from the Windows Development team. During the Global Forum we got a lot of interesting information about apps, Surface, approaches etc. It triggered me to find out how to develop your own app. I was determined to create my own app and write a tutorial about it.

During the learn-a-thon my great colleagues and I decided to design our own tree project "Tree Key". I created an app that enables students to find out which tree they are looking at by examining the leaves. For the moment, this app has been downloaded 2,279 times.


Without Microsoft I wouldn’t have had the honor being a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert. I wouldn’t have been watching to Anthony Salcito’s great presentations, wouldn’t have been able to create my own app, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to communicate with dozens of other MIE Experts from over the world: Israel, USA, Austria, India, Kenya, Switzerland, Japan, and many other countries! Do you want to be part of this? Apply here before Oct15!

I wish you all the best!

Koen Timmers - Belgium